Special Diets/Summer Feeding/Nutrition Links


The district requires that all students who need a special meal must do the following:

1.  Present this form, signed by parent or legal guardian and the prescribing physician and/or recognized medical authority (U.S.  only).

2. Keep the diet presription current by submitting a new form each school year.

3.  To change a diet order, please fill out a new form, signed by a parent or legal guardian and by the physician and/or medical authority (U.S. only).

For nutritional information on various foods we offer but not limited to,  click on the nutrition link to access that information.

For summer feeding locations, click on the summer feeding link.

If you have any questions or need help, please call Robbie Manning at (205) 849-3700.

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Download Special Diet Needs Form
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Download Summer Feeding Program
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Download NSLP Food Reference Chart
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