CNP "Nutrition Nuggets"

CNP Vitamins

For the month of November we are going to learn the importance of Vitamins and how they play a role in our food.

  • Vitamin A - plays a big part in how well we see and helps you have healthy skin
  • Vitamin B - helps make energy and is involved in making your red blood cells
  • Vitamin C - helps you to heal when you are sick and makes if harder for your body to become infected with an illness
  • Vitamin D - helps you have strong bones and teeth
  • Foods that contain Vitamin A are cantaloupe, carrots and sweet potatoes
  • Foods that contain Vitamin B are oats, seafood, eggs, yogurt, beans and peas
  • Foods that contain Vitamin C are oranges, broccoli, strawberries and kiwi
  • Foods that contain Vitamin D are fish, egg yolks, cereal and milk


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