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Tarrant High School Virtual Meeting Title I Meeting & Open House

Virtual Title I Meeting and Open House, September 17 at 10:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. The Open House video will be available on the THS website.  The virtual Title I Meeting is on Zoom.  Call the school for more information.

Meals for students of Tarrant City Schools-English Meal pick up

***All children ages 18 and under may receive meals. Child must be present, or parent must be able to provide their enrolled child’s name to pick up without children present***


No Cost to families

First Come, First Served

While They Last


Contact Kelley Javinett, Child Nutrition Director for more information, 205-849-3700 or Javinett.kelley@tarrant.k12.al.us

Meals for students of Tarrant City Schools Meal Pick up

*** Todos los niños menores de 18 años pueden recibir comidas. El niño debe estar presente o el padre debe poder proporcionar el nombre de su niño inscrito para que lo recoja sin que los niños estén presentes ***


Sin costo para las familias

Se le sirve en orden de llegada

Mientras duren


Contacto Kelley Javinett, Directora de nutrición infantil para más información, 205-849-3700 o Javinett.kelley@tarrant.k12.al.us

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