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    The Tarrant Way: What Sets Us Apart

    Tarrant City Schools (TCS) is committed to providing a positive educational experience that is tailored to meet both the academic and career goals of every student. TCS wants students to thrive both inside and outside of the classroom and achieve at the highest levels.

    TCS offers a diverse and challenging curriculum with many opportunities for student success, while providing the benefits of a smaller school system. TCS is the right size to provide the balance of endless learning opportunities for the students while still receiving personal attention.  Students are not just a number. TCS promotes a family atmosphere and the school system is small enough to get to the know the students and encourage them on their journey.


    Central Office- The Tarrant City Board of Education is located at 1318 Alabama Street, Tarrant, AL 35217 in the heart of the Tarrant community. 

    Tarrant Elementary School is just a few blocks away from the board office, located at 1269 Portland Street, Tarrant, AL 35217. This school serves students Kindergarten through Grade 2. 

    Tarrant Intermediate School is located at 1424 East Lake Boulevard, Tarrant, AL 35217 and serves students grades 3-6. The Alternative School is located behind the Intermediate School in the round building with it's own teacher and principal. 

    Tarrant High School is located at 91 Black Creek Road, Tarrant, AL 35217 and serves grades 7-12. Tarrant High School uses a seven-block schedule to aid in skill development with an Academic Opportunities (AO) period and alternating Blue and Gold Days.

    Additional details about TCS can be found on the Alabama State Department of Education page, HERE.


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