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Baseball/Softball Schedules

2/23    Baseball @ Fairfield 4:30pm/6:30pm

3/5      Baseball @ Asbury 11am

          Baseball @ Asbury (J. O. Johnson) 1pm

3/8      Softball vs Carver 5pm

3/10    Softball @ Bessemer 5pm

3/14    Softball @ Sumiton 4pm

3/14    Baseball vs Holy Family 5pm

3/15    Softball vs Holy Family 5pm

3/15    Baseball vs Southeastern 4:30pm

3/17    Softball @ Jefferson Christian Academy 5pm

3/17    Baseball @ Southeastern 4:30pm/6:30pm

3/18    Softball @ Southeastern 4:30pm

3/21    Softball vs Shades Mountain 5pm

3/21    Baseball vs Holy Family 5pm

3/22    Softball @ Fairfield 5pm

3/24    Softball vs Southeastern 4:30pm

3/28-29 Baseball Jefferson County Tournament 4pm

4/4      Softball @ Midfield 5pm

4/5      Softball vs Fairfield 5pm

           Baseball @ Altamont 4pm

4/7      Softball vs Sumiton Christian 5pm

          Baseball vs Altamont 4pm/6pm

4/11    Softball vs Jefferson Christian 5pm

          Baseball vs Jefferson Christian 4pm

4/12    Softball @ Holy Family (Ensley Park) 5pm

          Baseball @ Sumiton Christian 4pm

4/14    Baseball vs. Sumiton Christian 4pm/6pm

4/15    Baseball @ Jefferson Christian 5:30pm

4/18    Softball @ Shades Mountain 4:30pm

4/19    Softball vs Midfield 5p,

4/20    Softball @ Carver 5pm

4/21    Softball vs Bessemer 5pm



Please consider donating the school uniforms that your

child has gently used but outgrown.We will accept uniform

shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, and jumpers in all sizes from

students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12th Grade.

Drop off your donation at any school office or the

Tarrant Board of Education at 1318 Alabama Street


Tarrant Board of Education

1318 Alabama Street

Tarrant, Alabama 35217 

Telephone:205-849-3700 Fax:205-849-3728

Tarrant City Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nation origin,

sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to

the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.  Contact Andrew Smith,

Title IX Coordinator, 205-849-3700 or reguarding

the non-discrimination policies.



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