Tarrant City Schools
Preparing for Learning, Service, and Success
Preparing for Learning, Service, and Success

The Tarrant City School System is a system rich in history and tradition.  By 1930, the enrollment at the elementary school had increased to 1,443 students. The federal census of 1930 showed sufficient population, in compliance with the state code, for the city of Tarrant to take over the operation of the schools. Therefore, in August of 1930, Tarrant City Schools pulled away from Jefferson County.  At that time, the city appointed a Board of Education. The new Board voted to take over the elementary and jr high schools, leaving the high school, Jefferson County High School, under the supervision of the county. During the summer of 1948, Jefferson County High School became part of the Tarrant City School System and the name was changed to Tarrant High. Mr. W.A. Parker was appointed as the first superintendent of Tarrant City Schools. (history of Tarrant City Schools) 

Over the years, many changes have taken place. However, Tarrant City Schools is still a system rich in tradition. Tarrant City Schools is comprised of four schools: Tarrant Elementary, Tarrant Intermediate, Tarrant Middle, and Tarrant High Schools. Recently, the city of Tarrant helped the school system build the new Tarrant Middle/High School off of Blackcreek Road. The continuing support from the community is invaluable to the system's success.

mission: Tarrant City Schools are committed to serving all students and community through quality learning in a secure environment ensuring college and/or career readiness.


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