Meal Prices

Children need healthy meals to learn.  Tarrant City Schools offer healthy meals every school day.  Below is a list of meal prices.  For additional information for charges on al a carte items you may access manager information at our staff link and contact the manager at the site in which your child is enrolled.  Menus can be found at related documents. 

If you have any questions/concerns please contact our Child Nutrition Coordinator at (205) 849-3700.

Tarrant Elementary and Tarrant Intermediate School

Reduced     Breakfast - $.30          Lunch- $.40

Paid-           Breakfast- $1.00         Lunch- $2.10


Tarrant High School

Reduced-    Breakfast- $.30     Lunch- $.40

Paid-          Breakfast- $1.00    Lunch- $2.10

Visitor Adult-  Breakfast- $1.50     Lunch- $3.50

Visitor Child-  Breakfast- $1.00     Lunch- $2.75







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