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    Changing with Today's Technology

    Tarrant City Schools is a tech savvy school district.  Each of our three schools maintain a wireless and wired LAN and are connected via a one WAN.  Our teachers utilize their Macbook computers, mounted data projectors and/or Touch panels, and digital document cameras daily to provide quality instruction for each of our students. 
    We believe that all students should have the opportunity to develop technology skills that support learning, personal productivity, ethical and responsible behaviors, decision-making, and daily life.  These skills will prepare students to be lifelong learners and make informed decisions about the role of technology in their lives. Our students work collaboratively using iPads and Macbooks Airs at a 1:5 ratio. As our department is working vigurously to move toward a 1:1 learning environment, our students still never cease to amaze us with innovative projects and mouth-dropping group presentations. 
    Technology is used in many capacities here at Tarrant. From our digital CNP freezer controller to our DID phone system, from accounting to technology support, from online registration to online payment, every department in our school system uses technology to work more effectively and efficiently.

    The TCS Technology Department is truly committed to our district mission. We work tirelessly each day to "empower learners today to be leaders tomorrow":

    1. By providing all educators and students access to quality technology when they need it;
    2. By promoting effective, technologically challenging learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom; and
    3. By preparing and supporting teachers to be active, knowledgeable participants in today's globally networked society.

    Matt Georgia, Technology Coordinator

    Dr. Kevin Culpepper, Technology/Student Assessment Director

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