Assessment & Accountability

  • Ingrid Abner
    Director of Curriculum & Instruction

    Monitoring our Academic Growth!
    Tarrant City Schools takes great care to administer ongoing informal and formal assessments that accurately measure how well our students understand the curriculum. Informal assessments (such as teacher-made quizzes, tests, etc.) are given daily, while state-required tests (formal assessments) are periodically administered.

    The TCS Student Assessment and Accountability department works closely with school administrators, counselors, and teachers to ensure that they understand each assessment, have the necessary professional development, and ensure that they implement/analyze the testing materials corretly. 

    The department is committed to:

    • Working with school personnel to narrow the achievement gap and improve the graduation rate
    • Working with school personnel to increase academic achievement
    • Training district and school personnel on assessment administration
    • Ensuring the safe storage and distribution of all district and state assessment
    • Analyzing data to effectively impact daily classroom instruction 
  • 2019-2020 Student Accountability Report

    Student achievement results were not reported for 2019-2020. Alabama was granted a waiver for 2019-2020 by the United States Department of Education due to COVID-19.