School Nurse/Health Services

  • Margaret Rice

    Student washing hands - Germs Are Not for Sharing

    TES Strives for Healthy and Safe Students!

    Tarrant City Schools provides nurses at each building to provide assistance with illness and medication. The nurses aid with chronic and cute illness management. The nurses also provide health education and management of communicable diseases. TCS nurses also manage immunization compliance.

    To decrease spread of illness follow TCS guidelines: • Keep child at home with a temp of 100 degree or higher  * vomiting 2 or more times within a 24 hour time period  *diarrhea 2 or more times within a 12 hour period • Do not return until they are of symptom free & without fever-reducing meds for 24hrs.

    Medication Policy:

    • You must provide and deliver all medication and necessary supplies. Students are prohibited from delivering medications.
    • You must check-in and verify every medication and all appropriate documentation with the school nurse.  Medication cannot be “dropped off.”
    • Medication cannot be accepted without the required documentation.

    Prescription Medication- must be provided in the original, pharmacy-labeled container. All information on the label and the authorization form must match.

    Asthma Inhalers and EpiPens- devices must have an attached pharmacy-label or be kept in its pharmacy-labeled box. The pharmacy can attach a label directly to the device for the school setting.

    ***All medication is administered according to the Medication Administration Guidelines of Tarrant City Schools. If you have any questions, please contact the school nurse.


    To protect all students, Alabama state law requires each child enrolled in school to be completely immunized against communicable diseases. A complete record of his/her immunizations must be kept on file in the school office. For students new to the school system, including kindergartners, this record must be on file before the child can attend.

    Meet your School Nurse: 

    Nurse Rice