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    This school year our Tarrant Wildcats will create stunning art! Your student’s creativity will grow. They will create solutions to problems, find their voices through art, take risks, express beauty, and feel empathy. They will celebrate their masterpieces and share them with you. They’ll learn awesome art techniques, use materials they never knew existed, and connect with famous artists around the world and throughout time.

    Why I love Art   Why I Love Art


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    In art class, students learn three key skills that will benefit their lives as learners, people, and workers-

    Your student is an artist and so are you! Let's encourage them to think creatively, to explore their thoughts and ideas, and to ultimately value their artistic abilities.

    Repeatedly through art history, we learn from artists’ creations more about ourselves and others. “ There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” - Vincent van Gogh  You cannot fully create and learn without a loving, respectful environment. 

    The largest part of being an artist is working hard and learning from mistakes. It is impossible to fail at art if you allow yourself to evolve from every oops and find the beauty in everything you make.