• The TIS Math Team is open to students at TIS in grades 4th through 6th. This is the 6th year that Math Team is availble to students at TIS. 

    During Math Team practices,  We study discuss problem solving strategies; work on logic, and mental math and find new and different ways to solve problems. We also focus on fact fluency. Students on math team will also participate in math competitions at the state and national level. In the past, the TIS Math Team has competed and placed the Perennial Math Contests, as well as, the Noetic Math Contest. Both of these competitions are done online throughout the school year. We have not been able to participate in onsite competitions in the last few years, but there may be an option for it this year. 

    In addition to competing, Math Team allows students to strengthen their math skills and make them feel part of a team. 


    Getting on the team:

    Requirements for the TIS Math Team:

    ∙ Maintain average of S (80%) or higher in all classes with satisfactory conduct 

    ∙ Maintain an 85 or higher in math class (E or S)

    ∙ Attend weekly meetings-see below for grade level meeting times

    ∙ Be willing to work hard to learn new things 

    ∙ Be in good standing with behavior, i.e., no in-school or out-of school suspensions 

    ∙ Attend and participate in all onsite and online competitions


    Students who want to be on the Math Team should get a candidate packet from Mrs. Smith. The candidate packet includes a Candidate Agreement, a Parent Agreement and a Teacher Recommendation form. All three forms must be filled out by the correct person and turned into Mrs. Smith by the due date. Students who do not turn in these forms will not be allowed to tryout for the TIS Math Team. 


    Tryout- Students will take a test that outlines math vocabulary, basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts, problem solving skills and word problems. The top scores from each grade level will be picked to be on the team. There is no limit to how many students from each grade will be on each grade level team. 


    Math Team tryouts will be Wednesday, September 6, 2023

    Students may pick up and turn in candidate packets from August 21-September 1. (Packets must be turned in to tryout)


    Practice Days:

    4th Grade Team- Tuesday*

    5th Grade Team- Wednesday*

    6th Grade Team- Thursday

    Practices will be held from 3:30-4:30 in Mrs. Smith’s classroom


    *Some practices days may change as needed