• C - Communicate Respectfully

    A - Act Appropriately

    T - Take Responsibility

    S - Seek Knowledge

  • Welcome to Tarrant Intermediate!

    TIS serves 3rd through 6th grade scholars in the Tarrant community. TIS strives to provide students with resources, instruction, and experiences in order to prepare scholars for their future endeavors. We believe that increasing student success is a combined effort between students, the school, parents, and the community. Here at TIS, we utilize CHAMPS and Foundations programs to set clear and consistent expectations for our scholars and provide positive reinforcement. It is our goal for all students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally while developing a love for learning and pride in their community. 

    Parents and guardians play a crucial role in helping us achieve this goal. Parents and guardians can guide and support their scholar's progress by ensuring that scholars:

    - are at school on time every day

    - read daily to increase reading proficiency

    - complete tasks and assignments in a timely manner

    - are discussing their needs for any additional support

    - have representatives at parent conferences and parent nights

    - know that their families expect them to succeed in school 

    - use the CATS expectations to guide their actions