Grading Policy

  • Curriculum

    Tarrant Intermediate School is a superior educational facility that provides a challenging curriculum for all students. Our standard curriculum for grades 3-6 include:

    Reading--Reading Wonders
    Math--Math Investigations
    Science--StemScopes and AMSTI
    Social Studies--Studies Weekly 

    TIS uses STAR Reading & Math and Scantron Performance Series for grades 3-6. Students are tested for growth in the fall and spring. Teachers use STAR and Scantron scores to ascertain student abilities and levels of understanding. This is one of the factors teachers use with student placement and curriculum planning.

    Grading Policy

    Tarrant Intermediate School students receive a Standards Based Report Card. Standard Based Report Cards are based on the College and Career Ready Standards.  Students are evaluated on mastery or non-mastery of individual standards.  Non-mastered standards are re-taught until students master the standards at their highest demonstrated ability at the end of the 9 weeks/year.

    Grades 3-6

    E = Excellence (above grade level) = 94-100% mastery
    S = Satisfactory (on grade level)= 80-93% mastery
    P = Progressing (partial mastery)= 70-79% mastery
    N = Needs improvement (non-mastery)= 69 and below% mastery

    Special Education Grading Standards - Students who are receiving special education services may be graded according to an individual educational plan.Teachers are encouraged to extend appropriate academic modifications or accommodations to students who may be eligible for such under provisions of state and federal law.

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